The draft occurs on Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 12:30 PM Pacific Time. This document provides some information that might or might not be helpful when drafting.

Launching the Draft Application

About an hour before the draft starts, there will be a new link available when you visit the ESPN site. This will (probably) be in the form of a button that says, "Launch Draft". Clicking that button will launch the draft application


The Chat area is available towards the bottom of the main screen. There is a white text box you can type into. It is considered 'good form' to at least type a quick 'Hi everyone' into the Chat, even if you don't participate in the ongoing banter. Also, please note that the Chat BEST place to get help if you don't understand how the draft works or anything else. In an emergency (like if your toaster is on fire), we can even pause the draft, but we would need KNOW about that in order to do so.

Mock Drafts

It can be useful to participate in a Mock Draft in order to get the hang of things. To do that, go to https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/mockdraftlobby and sign up for one of the mock drafts.


The Draft Room can be confusing when the draft first starts due to the way the keepers are handled. During Round 1 of our draft, the keepers will be automatically selected for each team. On Round-2, everyone except Upstate Haymakers will have a keeper automatically selected, and Upstate Haymakers will make a manual pick. In Round-3 both Haymakers and Dreamers will have a manual pick. Once we get to Round-7, we will all start to pick manually.


It's a good idea to keep a separate browser (or window or tab) going that you can use for researching players before you draft them. Using a separate browser helps to avoid accidentally leaving the Draft Room while doing your research. If you have time, it is a good idea to quickly search Google-News (or elsewhere) and confirm that a player has not been injured recently (even that morning) before drafting someone.


Closers can get scarce in our league. It is very easy to find yourself without any closers at the end of the draft. There are different strategies for handling closers, and some people prefer to pick up closers during the season (if they can), while other folks don't even bother with closers. In general, though, it is a good idea to make sure you have at least 1 or 2 closers by the end of the draft. This is a good site for finding information about closers: http://closermonkey.com/.


How the draft order is determined